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90~Day Weight Loss Challenge

Posted by Miranda Warren-Gunn on Thursday, July 21, 2011, In : Weight Loss 

Join Slim ‎on a 90~day WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE ~> starts Mon, Aug 1st ~ this Journey is only $90 ($1 a day) ~ you can LOSE 30+ lbs in 90 days ~> email me at wljdiva@gmail.com for more information and to start YOUR JOURNEY and change your LIFE 4EVER!

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Posted by Miranda Warren-Gunn on Wednesday, July 13, 2011, In : Weight Loss 

I have been on ALL the diets plans out there...SMH...Dr Atkins/South Beach/Weight Watchers/Jenny Craig/etc...which I LOST WEIGHT but FOUND IT ALL (plus more) AGAIN...I struggled for YEARS!!!! I've been Up and Down so many TIMES that I literally GAVE UP...just felt that I would be HEAVY SET...until one day I was at work and busted out of my xxl work pants...I started my Journey the very next day...I did research...read books...chat with trainers...until I came up with what WORKS FOR ME...and, ...

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