Weight Loss Journey

About Weight Loss Journey with SLIM....


My name is SLIM and I am a WeightLossAdvisor!

Slim is here to show WOMEN that they can become HEALTHIER and SLIMMER...its all about INVESTING~~> you have to INVEST in YOU!!! if you can invest in a home, car, business, etc...why not INVEST in YOURself???


Slim  started her Weight Loss Journey on Jan 8, 2010 by Researching Diets and effective Exercises.  At 5'10 her measurements on 1/8/2010:  chest was a size "37 inches"; waist was a size "43 inches"; abdomen was a size "48 inches"; hips was a size "52 inches"; thighs were a size "34 inches" and she WEIGHED 260 LBS!!!!!!

Slim was DETERMINED to get the WEIGHT off and get in SHAPE!

On April 24, 2010 she gained enough KNOWLEDGE on WEIGHT LOSE for a NEW BEGINNING!

Slim found the best FOODs and EXERCISEs that would assist her body to LOSE FAT while maintaining muscle.   She designed a monthly MEAL and EXERCISE plan that WORKS!

In 6 months she lost a total of 72 lbs and her measurements are now:  chest is a size "34 inches"; waist is a size "29 inches"; abdomen is a size "34 inches"; hips is a size '44 inches'; thighs are a size "28 inches" and she now WEIGH 188 LBS...CLAPPING

Slim would like to give HOPE to the hopeless! 

Slim would like to ENCOURAGE the encourageless!


 CEO/Founder of WLJ




NOW join SLIM on  her JOURNEY to becoming a HEALTHIER & SLIMMER WOMAN of God!!!

Slim will COACH you EVERY step of your Weight Loss Journey...

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