Weight Loss Journey


June 29, 2012
Getting HEALTHY is an INVESTMENT!!! You are InVesting into your FUTURE!!! To LIVE LONGER!!! so STOP being CHEAP!!!

Mind Body Soul...

May 18, 2012
Its difficult to have all THREE (Mind/Body/Soul) in perfect BALANCE!!! Either your Mind is too busy concerned about how your Body looks...or, your Soul is too drained from working your Body out!!! I know!!! ITS HARD!!! so LETS take one at a time!!! Get your MIND at PEACE and your BODY is sure to follow then your SOUL will be at REST!!!!


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HCG Drops

May 17, 2012
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NewYear NewYou 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

December 19, 2011

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60 Day Weight Loss Challenge (10/31/11)

August 5, 2011

~ LOSE weight and get in SHAPE for the New Year ~

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90~Day Weight Loss Challenge

July 21, 2011

Join Slim ‎on a 90~day WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE ~> starts Mon, Aug 1st ~ this Journey is only $90 ($1 a day) ~ you can LOSE 30+ lbs in 90 days ~> email me at wljdiva@gmail.com for more information and to start YOUR JOURNEY and change your LIFE 4EVER!

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July 13, 2011

I have been on ALL the diets plans out there...SMH...Dr Atkins/South Beach/Weight Watchers/Jenny Craig/etc...which I LOST WEIGHT but FOUND IT ALL (plus more) AGAIN...I struggled for YEARS!!!! I've been Up and Down so many TIMES that I literally GAVE UP...just felt that I would be HEAVY SET...until one day I was at work and busted out of my xxl work pants...I started my Journey the very next day...I did research...read books...chat with trainers...until I came up with what WORKS FOR ME...and, ...

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Weight Loss Journey Coach

Miranda Warren-Gunn Slim ~> JusKeepnItReal

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